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Service Provider with total commitment to the customer

View of the company's buildings at
the Korschenbroich site
Founded in 1973
The early 70's was still an opportune period: there was no oversupply of textile dyes in the market whatsoever when Manfred Dohmen established his company in 1973. At that time, this self-made man was the dyeing and development manager of a spinning mill. This probably helps to explain his shrewd company strategy. There was now one dyestuff supplier among the former dyestuff customers. He was therefore always in the unique position of being able to see things from the customer's standpoint and made sure his sales organization and customer service were orientated in this direction.

In 1975 M. Dohmen GmbH & Co. KG was founded

A crucial step: Dyestuffs for automotive textiles
With the take-over of Eastman-Kodak's textile dyestuffs agency in Germany the same year, the company took its first major step forward. The year 1981, however, was really decisive for the future direction of the company: a dye range specifically for automotive textiles was built up jointly with Eastman-Kodak and continually extended. Thus, in 1982, the Dorospers A dyes (high light fastness Disperse dyes for automotive textiles), the Dorolan dyes (high light fastness acid dyes for PA/wool) and the Doracid dyes (acid dyes for PA/wool) were released onto the market. The company then established a cooperation agreement with the Greek dyestuff producer Viochrom. In the meantime M. Dohmen GmbH had sales cooperations with ICI, Bayer AG and with Hoechst AG on the field of automotive dyestuffs.

View of the laboratory
Establishment of foreign agencies
The company was not only actively pursuing the expansion of its dyestuff program with determination - the Dorospers XLD dyes (Disperse dyes with the highest wash fastness for PET and blends), for example, were developed in 1990 - but was also intent on opening up additional markets. In 1990 therefore, M. Dohmen S.A., San Vittore/Switzerland (also production) and M. Dohmen Italia S.p.A., Lainate/Italy were established as European sales agencies, as well as M. Dohmen USA Inc., Greenville, USA, and M. Dohmen Canada, Drummondville/Canada as overseas sales agencies. With these developments a decisive step into the international dye market had been made. Expansion into the leather dyes sector also followed in the same year.

Cooperation with BASF until 2000
The next milestone in the company's history was the entry of BASF AG Ludwigshafen into the company in 1996. The wool/PA sector was now worked on exclusively for BASF. Textile auxiliaries were increasingly integrated into the product range during the course of this co-operation. The co-operation lasted until September 2000. As a consequence of the new BASF/DyStar merger, BASF pulled out of the Korschenbroich company at this time and the shares were sold back. Dohmen continued to increase its activities in foreign markets and set up further agencies in France, Turkey, England and China.

New partners
A joint venture with LG Chem Dyestuffs came into being with effect from2001. With this move Dohmen had now progressed from a dye merchant to a dye manufacturer as well which yet again marks a new chapter in the development of the company. As a result of this joint venture, Dohmen had increased its activities in Asia - the world's most important dye market.

The joint venture with the Indian Atul Limited represents the latest step in the successful history of the company. The merger on equal terms between M. Dohmen S.A. and Atul Limited has been announced in January 2011.
The new partner, a part of the Indian Lalbhai Group, is a leading manufacturer of cellulosic dyestuffs. Atul Limited will distribute the complete product range of M. Dohmen Group to its Indian customers and in other markets where M. Dohmen Group is not presented. In return M. Dohmen Group will offer Vat-, Sulphur-, Reactive and other dyestuffs of the Atul product range to its customers.

The company is now able to offer customised and complete solutions for all textile applications particular for automotive, functional and technical textiles. Additionally other areas of industrial dyeing like paper, leather, wood and plastic can be served.

Close cooperation with all partners
Manfred Dohmen regards the particularly close cooperation with all partners starting with the fibre producers through the textile industry to the auto manufacturers as one of the most important factors contributing to the extremely positive development of his company. His company thus is able to cater for all requirements and always launch new developments successfully (even from the fibre). It is not mass-produced dyes that have brought success but those especially tailored to the processes meeting the customer's requirements. Manfred Dohmen characterizes his company today as "a service provider with associated dye production".

Control from the german location
Korschenbroich is, and remains, the centre for applications technology. Mark Dohmen, the son of the managing director, coordinates the entire research activities (technical applications and chemical R&D). All information for the customers as well as from dye production and research converges here. As a direct consequence of this centralization there is no loss of information and quick reactions are possible even when research and development on dye synthesis take place in Korea. The company is certified to DIN ISO 9000.