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History and product developments


Founding of the company by Manfred Dohmen – from a former dyestuff customer and dyeing and development manager in a local spinning mill to a worldwide dyestuff supplier

1981 Implementing a dyestuff range specifically for automotiv textile


Extending the product variety: the product groups Dorospers A ® (high light fastness Disperse dyes for automotive textiles), Dorolan ® (high light fastness acid dyes for PA/wool)  and Doracid ® dyes (acid dyes for PA/wool) complete the portfolio
1987-1998 cooperation with Greek dyestuff producer Viochrom
1990 development of Dorospers ® XLD dyes (disperse dyes with the hightest wash fastness for PET and blends)

Worldwide expansion

Founding of M. Dohmen SA (Switzerland)

Founding of M. Dohmen Italia S.p.A.

Founding of M. Dohmen USA, Inc., Greenville and M. Dohmen Canada, Drummondville

1990 Expansion into the leather dyes sector
1992 sales cooperation with ICI, Bayer AG and Hoechst AG

A company on course of worldwide expansion – entry of BASF AG, Ludwigshafen (Germany)

With the entry of BASF the Dohmen product lines broadened. Textile auxiliaries were integrated into the portfolio.

During the restructuring of BASF/Dystar in September 2000, Dohmen rebought the shares from BASF. The Dohmen Group intensified their sales activities on the external markets. New subsidiaries were founded in France, Turkey, Great Britain and China.


From a dye merchant to a dye manufacturer – end of JV with BASF and entry of LG Chem Dyestuffs

With the Joint Venture the acitivities of Dohmen and the market shares in the worldwide most important dyestuff market Asia, increased considerably. The Group focused on its Polyester Automobile dyestuffs – now with own production facilities.

2011 Joint Venture with Atul Ltd., India

Atul Ltd., a part of the Indian Lalbhai Group, and leading manufacturer of cellulosic dyestuffs, took over the shares from LG. Vat-, Sulphur-, Reactive and other dyestuffs from the Atul portfolio are added to Dohmen’s product range


Entry of Archroma S.á.r.l.

In spring 2014 Archroma, a spin-off of the former textile-, paper and emulsion business of Clariant, takes over the shares from Atul. A successful cooperation and a new step in Dohmen’s history begins.

The management team Mark Dohmen (CEO), Dominik von Bertrab (CFO) and Nadine Eiben (CAO) take over the leadership of Dohmen Group


Generation change

In October 2014 after 40 years the founder Manfred Dohmen handed over the company management of M. Dohmen GmbH, Germany, to the next generation: Mark Dohmen, Nadine Eiben, Uwe Hendelkes and Dominik von Bertrab.