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Products Leather & Fur

: Dyes for leather - selected anionic acid dyes and premetallized dyes

DORANIL FAST P: Selected dyes for colouring the leatherside of sueded fur skin with good reservation of the woolside; especially for white, coloured and bicoloured wooled suede skin

: Selected 1:2 premetallized dyes for wool dyeing

: Selected anionic acid dyes for wool dyeing

: Selected oxidation dyes for colouring all types of fur skin

LUMACEL: Selected (with Doraprint COR) dischargeable disperse dyestuffs to obtain fashion effects (snow top) on wool or hair of fur skin

DORALUX liquid: 
Liquid anionic premetallized dyes for finishing and drum dyeing (top), water-soluble

DORAFIN: Anionic liquid dyes for finishing and continuous dyeing (soluble in polar solvent)

DORACRYL liquid: Cationic dyes for leather for finishing and drum dyeing

AUXILIARIES: Auxiliaries for leather - vegetable tanning, retanning, drum dyeing, penetration, fixing; Auxiliaries for fur - auxiliaries for all dyeings of fur, killing, bleaching, brightning, discharging, gloss and surface feel